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3D Computer Artist/Animator

I am currently a freelancer with over 15 years professional experience. I produce work for TV broadcast, commercials, cinema, and web-based content.
Some recent projects I've been involved in can be seen here.


Babel Media, Hove

I produced hand drawn in-game artwork for a 2D scrolling shoot-em-up game for the Interactive TV platform.


Cutscene Artist
Wide Games Ltd., Brighton

I was one half of a two-man team responsible for the production of the cutscenes for Prisoner of War, released by Codemasters on PS2 and Xbox in July 2002, and on PC in September 2002.


Artist (nine week work placement)
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (Team Soho), London

I worked on the PS2 titles The Getaway (released December 2002) and This is Football 2002 (released September 2001), primarily as a texture artist.



BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation & Animation (2:1)
Bournemouth University


National Diploma Foundation Studies in Art and Design (Pass)
Northbrook College Sussex


A-Levels in Art (B), Mathematics (C) and Media Studies (B)
The College of Richard Collyer, Horsham


GCSEs in Art (C), Design & Technology (B), Mathematics (A), History (B), French (B), English (B), English Literature (A) and Double Science (AA)
Steyning Grammar School


I am a talented artist with a keen eye for design underpinned by a strong technical understanding. I have a broad knowledge of 2D and 3D computer graphics and experience of game development for PC and consoles. My expertise is in modelling, texturing, rendering (Maya and MentalRay), lighting (including High Dynamic Range lighting), animation, camera tracking and compositing. I've been using Maya since 1999; I also regularly use Photoshop, After Effects, and Flash. I also have a working knowledge of C/C++, OpenGL, strong web design and development skills with HTML, PHP and CSS. As well as a wealth of experience working in the animation/post production industry, I also have experience in the games industry. Although I have a wide range of capabilities enabling me to work well on my own, I especially like to work as part of a team as I enjoy communicating and sharing ideas — and I believe this environment helps me to produce my best work.


My interests and pastimes include computing, design, architecture, art, transport, model making, cinema and photography. My background is in art and graphic design from which I developed an interest in computer visuals. I love drawing, painting and making things. I have played and enjoyed video games from quite a young age, and find myself intrigued by the possibilities of this nascent medium. I'm an avid consumer of all kinds of media — cinema in particular — and I'm interested in their impact on culture, society, and even politics.


Available on request.